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Why Law Firms Should Use Moving Companies When They Need to Move

Many people dread to move including companies. Moving is tiresome and time consuming and can be stressful as well.  The truth is as much as some companies may want to move to a different location but they don’t due to the stress involved in the moving process. Luckily, there are companies that came up to save us on this, moving companies. They have made everything so easy, you don’t have to worry about packing your items in the office, looking for transportation or anything, they take care of everything, including arranging the office the way you would want it. Some of the reasons why all law firms should use moving companies when they need to move include:

They save on time and energy

When it comes to an office you will have to look for packing supplies and pack up everything. In some cases, finding packing supplies may be hard since we don’t all keep packing materials for packing our office equipment’s. It also takes a lot of time figuring everything out, organizing for transportation and having to arrange the new office. Moving companies take care of all that. They come will all their packing materials; they will do the packing, do the transportation and arrange your new office.

Why Law Firms Should Use Moving Companies When They Need to Move

They provide insurance against valuables

Most moving companies nowadays will provide insurance against valuables hence you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable items. It is obvious that every work place has valuable items that it cannot afford to lose. If you are moving on your own, there are chances that you may damage or lose your valuables and you will not get a compensation for that unless you decide to purchase a replacement.

They work at your convenience

With a moving company you can even do a moving schedule and the company will work with your convenience. This will give you peace of mind as you don’t have to move at a time that you are not prepared or a time that is not convenient for you. Since you can work with your convenience, it can help you not to inconvenience the customers in any way.

Stress free moving

With a moving company, you can move with no stress at all. Most of the time, the moving company will be familiar with the location that you are moving to hence you don’t have to work out the logistics. With a moving company, you don’t have to worry about anything as everything will be taken care of. You can enjoy your new location with no stress at all.


As seen above, it is worth looking out for a moving company if you need to move. There are many professional movers that offer great services such as They have a vast experience on the same and their main goal is customer satisfaction. The many positive reviews they have can give you a hint on what service to expect.

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Insurance and Divorce

Divorce has adverse effects on the lives of a couple and insurance is just one of them. As much as there are many other things that may be affected more by divorce such as kids, assets, investments and other factors may be affected too. That is why it is said that divorce should be the last result, like the last option after many other options have been tried out and not worked. Unfortunately, there are rising cases of divorce and not many have disocvered the secret of counseling as couples who go for counseling prior to divorce most of the times cancel the divorce.  For the case of an n insurance cover, most of the time the terms of the cover has to be revised since divorce changes everything.  Some of the ways in which a divorce can affect insurance includes:

Insurance and Divorce

Life insurance

In the case of a divorce, life insurance is almost mandatory. The custodial parent should make sure that the non-custodial parent has life insurance to make sure that the child support payments does not end even when your spouse dies. Life insurance can help in protecting you and your children in case of sudden death. The insurance however is mainly determined by the agreement, in some cases the agreement may require non-custodial parent to take a life insurance and state the custodial parent as a beneficiary.

Health insurance

Health insurance cover in most cases, one spouse normally provides a cover that will cover both spouses. In the case of a divorce, the coverage of one parent will have to end as he terms will change. There are some plans however that will continue to cover the kids.

Disability income divorce

Even if you receive child support, if your former spouse becomes disabled then that will cause a problem on your part. If the other spouse does not have disability insurance, the alimony may be modified thus reducing the child support that you will receive. Disability insurance should therefore be planned prior to the divorce.

Property insurance

Most of the time it is the actual owner of the property who takes insurance for the property. In the case of a divorce, the terms will not change unless the property is owned jointly. If it is owned jointly then the end owner of the property is who will enjoy the benefits and this will be mainly determined by court. In some cases, a home or the property can be sold and the benefits shared among the spouses.


Most of the time what happens after a divorce depends on the kind of policy cover you have, there are some covers that have better terms than others. It is therefore important that you do your research well before settling for an insurance company. Luckily the internet has made this process way easy and you can find rankings of different insurance companies to help you choose a top rated insurer such as Alliance and Associates for your insurance cover at the best rates.

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Self-Branding Tips for Divorce Lawyers

Becoming a lawyer is no simple task and you will quickly learn that making a success as an individual divorce lawyer is not much easier either.  In fact this is exactly where most lawyers space out and either fall in with other law firms or switch careers entirely.  Self-branding is incredibly important if you are operating as an individual lawyer or starting a small law firm, especially in our modern society where there are so many competitive law firms out there.   Here are just a few tips that will help you stand out as a divorce lawyer, get more clients and make a success of your small law firm.

Self-Branding Tips for Divorce Lawyers

See an image consultant

The first thing you should do is see an image consultant.  In order to stand out everything about you and your small firm should be unique, professional and groomed.  An image consultant will help you create a professional image for yourself which greatly improves personal credibility.

See a graphic designer

While it is important to make a personal statement with your sense of style, it is even more important to create have a great, statement making look online.  A graphic designer will help you develop a unique logo or brand name and can help you set up a professional looking website and create you all of the professional stationery you need.

Go digital

A digital presence like a website is a must.  Your website should feature all of your contact details and services and can even include a blog where people can read more about your services or simply get great divorce tips in order to boost your general popularity.

Promote on social media

Social media sites are also a great place for self-branding. You can promote your services on these sites and make contact with lots of clients.

Always carry business cards

Business cards in Perth make it incredibly easy to promote your services to anyone that crosses your path.  You can give your card out as you go or distribute your cards at places where your services are mostly in demand, like at a stripper club, for example.

Pamphlets and brochures are still great

Pamphlets and brochures are still a great way to promote your business and brand yourself, despite the success of digital advertising because they can take these marketing materials with them and be constantly reminded of your services.

Brand your stationery

It is also important for you to brand all of your stationery and business paperwork like invoice books and more.  With proper branding, business transactions runs a lot smoother and those that process your documentation can also get into touch with your business much easier and much quicker.

Promote locally

Newspaper advertising is also a great way to promote your business especially when you love to deal with local clients.  Online newspaper ads are also a great advertising source to consider, especially with the popularity of online newspaper ads that can be shared, saved or showcased to everyone else a lot easier.

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Factors to Keep in Mind Before Filing A Divorce

A divorce is very ugly and not many couples would want it. It has many long-term effects than can be imagined. Divorce not only has adverse effects on the children but on the parents as well. As much as no one would love divorce, the rates of divorce are going high and they are now higher than it has ever been. As much as divorce may be the way to go in some situations, there are factors that one has to keep in mind, and they include:

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Filing A Divorce

The kids

In a divorce, it is the kids who are most affected. It basically means that the kids will be in two separate households. It is better if the parents live in the same district so that the learning and the social circle of the children are not disrupted. If both parents live in the same district, it will be easier for them to get involved in the progress of the children and even get involved in their school events and extracurricular activities.

The cost

Divorce can be very costly. The legal fees are high and the cost of separate households and the cost of raising the children can be high. There are ways in which you can reduce the fees for example mediating the divorce in order to avoid high litigation fees.  Regardless of the cost, a good decision needs to be made that will be favorable to the children. Couples can also openly discuss about the custody, parenting and living arrangements, assets and co-parenting to come up with a solution that will work without necessarily involving the court.

Have you given your best in marriage?

Before opting for a divorce, it is importance to first analyze the situation and make sure you gave your best and you have tried to save the marriage. There is no easy marriage as all marriages come with their set of challenges. It is important that couples go through counseling before going for divorce because sometimes it may be just a misunderstanding leading to a feeling of divorce. Counseling may help in saving the marriage. According to a poll, over 95% of the couples who were considering a divorce retreated that feeling after counseling.  Counseling helps you to get into the others shoe and try to understand their perspective. Whatever the issue, divorce should be the last result.


It is better to find the best possible solution rather than going for the easy solution which may not be the best. For the case of divorce, it feels like an easy solution but the wounds go much deeper.  From we learn of the way we can choose a solution yet it may have negative effect instead. A good solution should be able to relieve us from our problem and not get us into even bigger problems. As the old saying choices have consequences, it is better to take time in decision making and make a good decision.…

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The Ramifications of Divorce

On this blog we often look at the reasons that lead up to divorce. Or, we focus on the ways to heal after divorce. In fact, we’ve even been known to offer you tips for dating after you’ve been through a divorce. But, maybe we don’t take the time to really consider what the ramifications of divorce truly are.

When you leave your spouse, a sense of the loss of security invades. Unfortunately, divorcees don’t have someone like the Foundation for Defense of Democracies to come in and defend that security. They don’t have access to someone who’s going to stand up for them in the midst of all sorts of foreign policies about living life as a single all over again. It’s pretty sad, really, but the ramifications of divorce are real and should be considered before a divorce is finalized.

The Ramifications of Divorce

Irreconcilable Differences

Most people get divorced under the term, irreconcilable differences. But, we have to wonder how many of them just give up or decide that marriage isn’t really a covenant worth keeping. In truth, it is very disheartening that two people can look at each other and promise for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and then 6 years later separate with the intention of signing the paperwork to dissolve that marriage.

There are very few things that are irreconcilable if we choose to love one another. But, we mostly don’t choose to love one another. We choose to ride the wave of emotions and chemical reactions and when those things wane, we decide the ride is over. Surely, there are situations, like abuse and some instances of infidelity, that can simply not be reconciled. We understand that, but choosing to break your promise is a weighty decision that shouldn’t be taken as lightly as it often is. After all, there are ramifications:

  • Loss of security– This is very poignant for a woman in the aftermath of divorce. And it is especially true if she has children at home that she has now become solely responsible for. If she was even remotely fortunate, she was able to depend on her husband to make money and protect the family should someone attempt to hurt them. That loss of security can make her very insecure. Living from that position will make her susceptible to a number of potentially dangerous relationships. Read this.
  • Loneliness- Even if you did not enjoy the presence of your spouse, you will discover that there are periods after the divorce in which you feel deeply alone. If you do not figure out how to get past that loneliness, it will eat at you and once again put you in the position to make very bad decisions about your future relationships.
  • The effect on the kids– Obviously not all marriages that end in divorce have children attached to them. However, those that do will need to take careful precautions to soften the blow on the wee ones’ hearts. It is very difficult for children to have one or the other parent pulled away from their daily life. Every effort must be made to provide the kids with stability and structure. Learn more about the repercussions on your children.

Surely there are other resounding consequences of divorce. We want you to be very certain that this decision is right. Don’t give up on your promise before you pursue marital counseling. You can learn more about that here.…

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Getting Back to Healthy After the Divorce

He was a jerk. You left him because he mistreated you and his stepson. You felt like the leaving was warranted and that the kids would be better off if they were separated from him as well. Sure, they complain about the fact they miss their daddy. And, truth be told, you cried yourself to sleep many a night after leaving him. You never wanted to be a divorcee, but now it’s time for getting back to healthy after the divorce.

Sure, you could spend some time with the professionals at True Health Diagnostics. They will be able to ascertain, early on, if you’ve developed any of the indicators for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or other chronic illnesses. Then, they will be able to provide you with specialized customer service that can even offer you nutritional guidance and disease fighting expertise. But, there are other aspects of health that they can’t touch, like your emotional health.

Getting Back to Healthy After the Divorce

Getting the You back in You After Divorce

No matter how long you were married to your spouse, chances are you began to identify as his wife. That allowed you to get a little lost in who he was. And then, when you had kids, well, you got a little lost in them too. You were his wife and their mom.

But now that the divorce has been finalized, you’re probably wondering who you are. Getting the you back in you after divorce is a tricky concept, but it is one that is well worth striving for. You want to be the best you for your kids now, especially since you’re pretty much their everything these days. So, follow some of these suggestions:

  • Evaluate– When we left our spouses we realized that we’d made some pretty poor choices in the decision to marry them. Maybe you are seeing that now too. But, it’s important to understand why you made those choices. What is it about you that drew you to the man that never made you feel beautiful? Or the one who yelled at you, or was mean all around? Evaluating why you have made the choices you’ve made in life can help you move toward change. Learn more here.
  • Learn the Truth- If you really want to know the truth about your value you’ll need to read this. The things that your spouse said to you, about you, are probably not true. And if they are, then maybe it is time to change those negative aspects. But the biggest decider in getting healthy emotionally after the divorce, is learning the truth and then applying those realities to your life.
  • Apply– Our evaluative journey led us to realize that we’d accepted some fundamental lies about our personages based on things that were engrained in us early on in life. The belief that we were not good enough, or that it was hard to love us, played a significant part in our choosing someone who didn’t think we were good enough and had a hard time loving us. Recognizing those lies will help us apply some new truths.
  • Live again– Once you’ve taken the significant time to evaluate, learn the truth, and apply it, it’s time to live again. Your life did not end in that court room. In fact, it was just the day that signified new beginnings. Look at it that way.

Healing after divorce is possible. But if you need extra help, this is an excellent resource.…

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Cooking as a Way of Overcoming Divorce Stress

Divorce can leave us devastated and should be dealt with before it leads to further ruin in our lives. There are many ways in which we can deal with stress and one of the ways is engaging in a hobby we love which may include cooking.

It does not have to be an outdoor activity; all we need is something that can engage our mind such as cooking. Cooking does not have to be the old conventional way but it can be experimental and exciting. Good news is that it is now easy to access cookbooks and utensils as well. There are companies that are specifically dedicated to make sure that your cooking process is as easy as possible and one of these companies is pampered chef. At pampered chef you will get quality kitchenware products, food products and cookbooks to make home cooking as easy as possible. Some of the ways which you can make cooking fun includes:

Cooking as a Way of Overcoming Divorce Stress

Trying out new recipes

Monotony is boring, and cooking the same old things we are used to in the same way we are used to will not make cooking exciting. One of the ways to make cooking fun is to try new recipes. We can cook what we are used to but in a different way for a more exciting experience. At pampered chef we can get a cook book from which we can get all the recipes that we can try.

Apply creativity

Art is all about creativity and cooking is an art therefore the recipes we can try are limitless. Different combinations can be tried and who knows we might invent the next big recipe.

Invite people for a meal

Cooking is more exciting if we get to share the cooked meal. It becomes boring if we have put our best foot forward just to eat the meal alone. It would be fun to organize a party for a home cooked meal.

Start a cooking class

What about passing the knowledge we have acquired about cooking to others, that’s fun. Not only will it equip others with skills but it will upgrade our skills while generating an income and alleviating stress at the same time.

Organize a cooking contest

Contests are always fun. You can look for sponsors of the event so that winners get awarded. The contest can have a theme and can even have judges to make it even more interesting. The more the merrier especially with a sponsor on board.


There are many ways in which we can make cooking even more fun it all depends on one’s creativity and the time available. But cooking for sure is a way of relieving stress. Not only the cooking activity that alleviates stress but also can some aromas help in dealing with depression. You don’t have to drown in depression because of divorce anymore as there are many ways of dealing with stress. If by chance you need kitchenware pampered chef have you covered.…

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Even Lawyers Can Make Money Selling Photographs

Everyone likes good photos, and that is probably one of the reasons why smartphones with both front and back cameras have become popular. Everyone loves taking photos but what everyone doesn’t know is that they can make good money from taking them as long as they are up to quality. In this article, we are going to look at how to make money online with photography. There are also many platforms through which you can sell the photos and some of them are listed here.

Even Lawyers Can Make Money Selling Photographs

In the event that you own a site, below are a number of tips on how you can bring traffic to your site:


One needs to have the best possible content in order for one to rank in google search. One has to think about the structure of their site, and ensure that all the technical elements are search engine-friendly. One has to think about the content on a specific page, and make sure that it is well optimized for a target keyword. Finally, one has to perform a number of different “off-page” SEO factors to signal to the search engines that this page is an authority on the subject.

Be very clear about your goals

What are you trying to accomplish with your SEO strategy? Is to gain more exposure for your photos? To sell prints? To make money with affiliate marketing? Make sure that you are clear about your goal because the keywords are part of what will drive business to the site.

Look for the low hanging fruit

Go for the keywords no one is paying attention to. Steer away from keywords that people are competing for and you’ll find the traffic coming to your photography website.

Cast a wide net

Spread your wings further than just your photographs. For example, have information about things like wedding venues and such things.

Think like a client, not a photographer

Portrait is a word photographers use, it isn’t a word your clients use. Someone looking for family portraits is much more likely to use a search akin to “family photography.” Of course, the exact phrase you’ll want to target will be determined by your region, but the real point is to get inside the head of your target audience, and use the same words they use, not the pros in the field.

Don’t pick a fight you can’t win

There is the possibility that other photographers are using Google’s keyword planner to compete for traffic from highly-searched phrases. Don’t go for the ‘in word’, move on to another.

SEO is an ever-evolving discipline

The days of “black-hat” link-building tactics are basically over and it is very hard to take a shortcut with google. The best thing is to optimize the content Google releases new algorithm updates. You need to adjust and tweak your practices.

There are a LOT of ranking factors

Know where to spend your time, and what tasks to prioritize in your bid to better your google ranking. MOZ graphic is be very helpful in explaining the various ranking factors that are considered in Google’s algorithm.

It takes a long-ass time

Like they say, Rome was not built in a day. You’ll have to be very patient and never give up.

Be specific (“niche down” and go after the long-tail)

Go after very targeted, specific keyword options. Even though they will likely yield less total traffic, the people who search for long-tail keywords are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This works particularly well for location-specific imagery.

In the world of SEO, long-form written content is king

Google can’t see images, they can’t play videos and understand their content, and they can’t read interactive content. They read semantic text, and they are very good at it. The more text they are able to read, the better they understand what your page is about. The Google crawler has become exceedingly impressive at being able to read content, and actually know what it is about. They employ a lot of linguists and language experts to ensure that their crawler reads and understands semantic content the way that humans do.


SEO for photographers is a tough, painfully slow, and technically-intensive process to master. It can take a long time, but the plan is to focus on the bigger idea of closing sales as traffic is directed to your site.…

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Just Won Full Custody Of Your Daughter After A Divorce? Here’s How to Celebrate

Divorce is always difficult when there are children involved.  In fact children are the main reason for so many women and even men to endure physical and emotional abuse from their spouses simply because they fear losing custody and rights to their children.  The battle for a child’s custody can be grueling, tiresome, expensive, stressful and even overwhelming which is probably what makes a ruling in your favor such a tremendous relief and joyous occasion.  You know that from now on your daughter will be coming home with you every single night with exception of visitation weekends and that is worthy of a big celebration and a celebrative shopping spree.

Time for a celebration party

If there is ever an occasion to celebrate then it is getting custody of your daughter.   A ruling in your favor is a tremendous relief for yourself, all of your friends and also for your relatives and family members because they know that they won’t be losing contact with your daughter as a result of the divorce.  It only makes sense to include everyone that was happy for you into your celebration.  Go big with a big party, a nice divorce celebration cake and be merry now that all the stress of your case is done with.

pink car seat

Time to go shopping!

When parents split up one of the two are very likely to have to re-shop for children’s accessories, clothing, bedroom accessories and basically everything else that you may need for raising a daughter.  If you have been putting shopping off for the finalization of the divorce then you and your daughter are now in for a treat because now the fun begins since you will have to go shopping for everything that you still need.  Here are the top children’s accessories that you can look out for. 

Car seat – A car seat is a must, whether you are driving the best and safest car on the market or have the smallest car in the world and whether you are taking a long journey or simply a quick trip to the grocery store.  You can celebrate your divorce and get your daughter a brand new pink car seat that she will love to ride in for all of your travels.  The modern car seats are all safety rated, they are snuggly to sit in and will secure your child during a crash. 

Clothes – Shopping for clothes is fun, especially if you have a daughter.  You can shop for a few brand new outfits that your daughter can wear to school or to the divorce celebration party. 

Hair accessories – Hair accessories get lost so easily and it might be time for a few new accessories to style up your daughters look to match her new life. 

School accessories – A new school backpack, lunch box set and water bottle set are always a great gift to kids that have been through a tough time. 

Toys – Perhaps you don’t have that many toys in your home?  Well, toy shopping is great fun, it is a great way to get to know your daughter better and it is a great way to break the ice between the two of you for a new life.…

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How Assets Will Get Divided in Divorce

One of the things that can be hard to understand during the divorce procedure is how the assets will get divided. If you have a home, it will not be practical to divide it in half. What you will be recommended to do is to sell the house and divide the money between the both of you. The problem will arise when one of you is not in favor of this procedure.

Aside from the house, you also have to think about all of your other properties. Perhaps you have a rental house in town and you have a rest house near the beach. Who would get those? Will it be ideal to sell everything and just divide the money? It does not end there. You also have to worry about the stocks and bonds. It can be quite a challenge especially if you do not have a divorce lawyer to help you out.

How Assets Will Get Divided in Divorce

Do yourself a favor and hire a lawyer now. It is likely that your partner is also going to find a lawyer and it will be your lawyers who will be in charge of negotiating and talking so that you and your son to be ex partner will be able to reach a middle ground. It can be even harder if the divorce is contentious.

In order to let you know more details, here are some of the items that will be considered as separate properties:

  1. Gifts – If in case you have gifted your partner before with something, then this will be given to your partner because this has been given as a gift and not as a joint property. It does not matter what the value of the item is. As long as it is a gift, it will be your partner’s. This is the same with the things that you have received as gifts too from your partner.
  2. Inheritance – If you have received inheritance from your parents or other family members and it has been specified that it is only for you then your partner will not get anything from you. This is also the same for the inheritance that your partner has received.
  3. Properties – The properties that have been owned by your soon to be ex – spouse before marriage will be rightfully given to your partner. This is the same with the properties that you have even before you got married.

It can be a problem if the properties that have been received have been conjoined because of the marriage. It can be a problem separating that again and the laws may be different from one area to another. With all of the issues about properties, it can be hard to think about the best dehumidifier, right? Yet if you need this for the home that you are going to transfer to, take time to research so you can find the best one.

Remember that all of the properties that are acquired after marriage can all be considered as conjugal properties. It does not matter anymore who the property is named after. If you are married, your spouse will get to share it as well. It will only be different if the property is properly titled. That is the time when properties can be considered separate and not conjugal.…