How To Choose The Right Baitcast Reel In Middlesex

If you are keen on fishing, you must be aware how the right reel makes a big difference. The right reel is able to do the job perfectly and take your fishing experience to the next level. If you are looking for a baitcast reel, as much as they all look like they are the same, they have been made differently. There are factors that you have to keep in mind to make sure that you do the right selection. They include:

How To Choose The Right Baitcast Reel In Middlesex

How To Choose The Right Baitcast Reel In Middlesex

Gear ratio

Every reel has a gear ratio as it what influences the speed of the reel. Speed will make sure that you do your catch more easily. High gear ratios basically mean more speed. That means that you can get more line with the same measure of effort. There is no right or wrong gear ratio; it all depends on the kind of fishing that you are doing. There is a type of fishing that will work with very high gear ratio and there are those that will work with very low gear ratio.

Braking systems

It is obvious that a baitcast reel will have a braking system. The right braking system will make sure that you have the right control over the spool. It is common to find some reels that have several braking systems while there are those that have only a particular braking system. Braking systems can either be centrifugal or magnetic.


Reels are made using different types of frames. There are some reels which would be better than others depending on the reels used. They can either be made using aluminum or graphite. Graphite is cheap and not very durable as compared to aluminum which is a higher quality and more expensive.

Ball bearings

When it comes to ball bearings, more does not necessarily translate to better. It is all about the quality and thus quality of the ball bearing should be your primary consideration. The standard number of ball bearings is about 10 but you should make sure that they are of high quality for you to get value for your money.


Spools should not be forgotten when you are shopping for a baitcast reel. Normally spools are made using aluminum which can either be forged aluminum or die-cast. The latter has a cheap quality and thus not very durable unlike the forged type which is of premium quality hence more rigid and hard to scratch.

Line guides

Line guides can either be titanium or ceramic. If you are looking for a high quality one that is more durable then you should go for titanium which is way better than ceramic.


The cost of a baitcast reel will depend on its quality and the kind of features it has. More features and a high quality will attract a high price tag. It is however best to do comparisons so that you can get value for your money.

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