How a Personal Injury Can Lead to A Divorce

A personal injury can really impact the victim’s life. No matter the seriousness of the injury, a personal injury has two aspects: physical and psychological. Even though the injury may not have a serious physical impact, it can leave a person emotionally scarred, which has an impact on their daily life. This can also have a negative impact on relationships in their lives.

How a Personal Injury Can Lead to A Divorce

Health related issues

Injury due to another’s negligence is never easy for someone to go through, no matter how serious. It may be to the extent that the injured cannot perform normal daily tasks. Which would lead to the injured heavily rely on their partner or family members. Your partner is supposed to be with you through the thick and thin with you but that is not always the case. When one partner becomes heavily dependent on the other, especially health wise there is a chance of resentment that starts. It leads to a lot of pressure on the caregiving partner and can be tough on them, which leads to additional stress. When they can no longer cope with the stress the only solution they see out of it is through ending the relationship. This is not always the case, but many divorce cases have happened from additional stress from a personal injury.

Money problems

Money is considered to be one of the top reasons why couples end of getting a divorce. When a serious personal injury occurs, the household finances take a major hit. Whether it may for paying hospital bills, paying for a personal injury attorney, or just the fact that there is only one person in the house earning instead of two. There tends to be a lot of money problem when it comes to a personal injury. This again leads to a lot of stress on the one breadwinner of the house, who must provide for all. Some couples can handle it while others can’t. Those that cannot cope typically seek divorce as the only way out.

In both cases, the stimuli that leads to divorce for couples that opt for a divorce is stress. A personal injury causes a lot of stress for both the injured and their partner. Too much stress for an individual is never good as it can cause health issues such as a heart attack, stroke, and other problems.

For someone looking from the outside, a personal injury may not seem like much of a threat to a married couple’s relationship. However, it can be. Depending on the degree of injury and how it has affected the injured which plays a vital role on how it impacts the partner? If the injured is not that seriously hurt both physically and mentally then they tend to work the injury out and work together. If not, then the marriage is more likely to end in a divorce.