Dumbest Reasons to Get Divorced

Choosing to permanently separate from your spouse should never be a decision you take lightly. Ending that commitment to one another should be a carefully weighed and contemplated resolution. In fact, we’d advise that you take every avenue possible to work out your differences before you decide to utilize our divorce law services.

However, as divorce lawyers, we understand that some marriages are doomed before they even begin. We get that people change and sometimes those changes make remaining in the relationship unbearable or unsafe. But, there are other times when people just really get petty and pick dumb things to fight over, like who picks the best air purifier and who has to change it.

Dumbest Reasons to Get Divorced

If you think that’s lame, then you’ll really need to consider this list of extraordinarily dumb reasons to get divorced:

Grown Apart– While this probably doesn’t top most lists of dumb reasons to get divorced, it is. Why? Because it takes the stance that marriage is based on whim and emotion. It trivializes marriage to little more than smoke and mirrors. Love becomes fleeting and conditional. What’s the point of getting married in the first place? If love isn’t a conscious, daily, devoted choice, then it’s little more than physical attraction and desire and that a good marriage will never make.

Money- Figuring out how to get along in your financials is important to marital harmony.  No one wants to fight about money. And maybe you need to just consider the concept of percentages from separate accounts based on incomes. Or perhaps, you need to hire someone to help you establish a budget and then do your very best to adhere to that design. Deciding to divorce over monetary concerns will do little more than add them to you! Divorce can be really expensive, especially if you choose to fight with one another about things. Get some budgeting ideas by clicking this.

Happiness– It’s that whole, the grass is greener, concept. People think they’d be happier if they found a different spouse or if they were all by their lonesome. Those who chase happiness rarely find it since they are willing to sacrifice their families, integrity and commitments. Happiness is an elusive sprite that can only be grasped by personal choice to make all life worth living, even the life you’ve set up with your spouse. Learn more about happiness here.

Opposites– “We’re too different,” people will say as they begin to fill out the dissolution of marriage paperwork. Isn’t that difference what attracted you to your spouse in the first place? Don’t opposites give one another the ability to be complimentary, utilizing individual gifts and talents to fill in the deficits in one another’s personality? His cleanliness and organization certainly made for a gorgeous home that all your friends complimented. Why now let that compulsion drive a wedge? Commitment, not compatibility is the key to a long lasting marriage.

Friends– Remember when your mom asked if you would jump off the bridge if your friends did? That’s the concept behind this excuse, “My friends say I should get the divorce.” Your commitment was to your spouse not your buddies, so consider getting new ones if there’s not a legitimate reason (abuse, addiction, infidelity, etc.) to seek that divorce.

Parenting– If you think parenting together is difficult, try doing it from separate houses, possibly with new people added to the mix. If you can’t do it together, it’s not going to get any easier when you’re apart.

We can help you get your divorce, but we’d like you to read more about saving your marriage first.